Six Impossible Things

There Is Healing That Needs to Happen

While on my solo birthday trip to Thailand I had a lot of time to reflect and just process some things. One of those things being an overwhelming feeling of loneliness. While I’m certainly not devoid of meaningful and fulfilling friendships, there is still a desire for romantic love that is left unfulfilled. I have Read More

White Photo Eid al-Fitr Respectful Quote Verses Instagram Post

Pre-Travel Anxiety: How I’m Coping

I am 3 days away from my solo trip to Phuket, Thailand and my anxiety is at peak “WTF!” I’ve been having nightmares about realizing I forgot something at home as the airplane doors close and I’ve been getting, at max, 5 hours of severely interrupted sleep per night. My chest hurts, my back hurts, Read More


Review: BH Cosmetic’s It’s My RayeRaye Palette

I bought this palette as soon as it dropped. I appreciate one of my fave vloggers collabing with a brand that is not only affordable but has proven to make good quality products. I swear off buying new palettes every month and every month I break this resolution smh. But I won’t get into my hoarding Read More

Brown New Year Card

New Year, New Goals

Every new year many of us go through a process of figuring out what we want to change and if we are really serious, develop a plan to allow these goals to come to fruition. Last year my main goal was to travel more, and I accomplished that. I went to Amsterdam, Antigua, Jamaica, Montreal,  Read More


How Travel Is Saving Me

As per usual, I’ve been struggling with my depression. That’s why you haven’t really seen many new posts here, not many convos on Twitter, and definitely not a lot of new Instagram posts. Last night, as I was struggling to sleep, I started to think about what keeps me going, what keeps me struggling through Read More

The Cult Of Positivity

The Cult of Positivity

If you are an avid social media user, such as myself, you have been exposed to a myriad of opinions that challenge your own. From the benign,  “Does pineapple go on pizza?” To the dangerous, “Are Black people inherently more violent?” A topic I often see that borders on side-eye worthy, to “You are why people Read More

My Journey To Better Brows

My Journey To Better Brows

I tend to go through makeup phases. At one point it was finding the best foundations. At another, who made the best primer. Currently, I am on the lookout for the best brow products. Whether it’s a pencil, a powder, or a pomade. I was hoping to find a cheaper alternative to the Anastasia Beverly Read More


#MeToo: What’s Next?

I haven’t been keeping to my writing schedule lately. I wish I could say with confidence that it was simply because of my seasonal depression and trying to find my groove again. But I know that this isn’t the reason. The past few weeks started out being sprinkled with stories of sexual assault and sexual Read More

Black and Mentally Ill in the New Age of White Supremacy

Black and Mentally Ill in the New Age of White Supremacy

Something we don’t delve into often is how mental health, especially mental illness, intersects with race. I don’t mean the excuses made for violent racists who’s actual or perceived mental state is used as a scapegoat for their affinity for white supremacy. I mean how being a person of color impacts the lives of those Read More


My Top 5 Affordable Makeup Brush Brands

Makeup gets complicated at times ……and expensive. When you are first getting into it, people tell you that high-end everything is the way to go. If it doesn’t come from Sephora or MAC it’s trash. I’m here to tell you that this is a lie. I am a makeup hoarder, yes, but only because I’ve Read More