3 Reasons Why I Don’t Bake

No, I’m not talking about a culinary task. I’m talking about the biggest craze in makeup application. It seems like once this tip left the drag world, it settled into the everyday makeup routine and staple Youtube video of beauty gurus. Baking gives a smoother (think porcelain doll) finish to the skin. It prevents under eye concealer from creasing. It also drastically brightens an under eye highlight. So why don’t I do it? Find out why below.

1. That porcelain finish

That unnaturally smooth appearance looks cool at first. Then you get hit with a camera and, unless you baked your entire face, the texture difference is stark.

2. What would a reverse raccoon eye look like?

Remember when I said it drastically brightens an undereye highlight. I mean it. It may look passable to the naked eye, but don’t get caught by flash photography. No matter how neutral or “colorless” the setting powder you use is, you will get flashback. It’s even more noticeable on dark skin tones.

3. If you have dry or mature skin, look out!

This can be a disaster on dry and/ or mature skin. It emphasizes both dryness and wrinkles. I’m not talking about a few creases under your eyes, I mean if your crows feet have turned into a flock. For those with aging skin, the less product you use the better. Less chances for the makeup to settle into lines.

What I Do Instead

I still always set my undereye concealer. However, I apply the powder, press it into my skin, then dust it off immediately. I also use a bit of a skin colored powdered to dust the under eye powder away. This reduces the “too bright” reverse raccoon effect that sometimes happens.

Do you bake? Why or why not?

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