AJ Crimson Liquid Lipstick: Ruby Who?

This was an IMATS buy, and no I haven’t just been too lazy to get around to writing this review. It’s actually just been on back order for that long because of how popular it is. And it’s popular for all the right reasons. AJ Crimson happens to be one of my favorite makeup artists because of his dedication to women of color. Especially in terms of proving that bright colors on dark skin are not taboo, but beautiful. His makeup range has some of the deepest, richest, most melanin friendly shades of any company and the quality is outstanding.  Now onto my first product review.

I fell in love with the color Ruby Who? when I swatched it at IMATS. Unfortunately, I was a minute too late and just missed out on buying the last one. But I was able to place an order to have it delivered to me. So when it finally came I was more than ready to put it to the test. The staying power of the liquid lipstick is phenomenal. Unlike many other matte, liquid lipsticks that get crumbly throughout the day, this lasted most of the day and faded like regular lipstick. No flaky lip look.

Yes, by the very nature of it being a matte lip color, it does leave the lips feeling dry. However, it is still one of the better formulas out, because once you remove it you don’t need to have a moisturizing first aid session for your lips. With some liquid lipsticks, I have to do a whole routine of using a lip scrub and layering on moisturizing products after wearing them. But with this, I can just remove with micellar water or a makeup wipe and put on regular lip balm and get back to my regularly scheduled programming.

This is also a red suitable for those who feel they look a little “clownish” in red lipstick. I tried MAC’s Ruby Woo and you might as well have called me Pennywise. But this is warmer and richer. Perfect for darker skin tones. Of course, if you just aren’t a fan of red lips, there are a wide range of colors in this line to choose from as well.

So by all accounts I give this two thumbs up and can’t wait to order more. Have you tried any AJ Crimson lip products? If so, how did you like them?

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