Bioderma? What’s That? The Best Damn Makeup Remover I’ve Used

So just as important as having the right makeup products is, so is having the right skincare products. I’m not just talking about acne treatments, cleansers, and moisturizers. You also have to invest in quality makeup removers.

I was once on the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes and  eye makeup remover bandwagon, until I went to IMATS 2015 and found my new fave makeup remover. It’s Bioderma. It’s one of the first micellar waters, and one of the best. It now comes in 4 formulas for various skin types.

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The formula I swear by is Sebium H2O, because I have the luck of having extremely, EXTREMELY, oily skin. It is also great for sensitive skin as well. I had noticed when using the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes that they would burn the areas around my eyes and cheeks, but this just feels like water and does and even better at removing my makeup. It is even amazing for removing waterproof eye makeup, false lashes, and stubborn liquid lipsticks. The key is to soak a cotton ball and hold it lightly on top of tough to remove makeup for a few seconds, then begin to wipe.

Even though it is “cleansing” I always follow up with a regular face wash, to really make sure everything is off of my skin. But there is no need for any excessive scrubbing and I never have any traces of makeup on my towel afterwards, like I’ve experienced with other makeup removers.

The only thing I wish they did with this is making them available in pre-moistened wipes. Depending on how heavy I went with my makeup on a particular day, I can go through about 5-7 cotton balls when using this. Other than that, I LOVE this product.

I order this product from Beautylish. The 500mL retails for $16.95. But it is also available in a 250 mL for $11.95 and a travel size 100mL for $6.95.


Happy Cleansing Loves!

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