Review: NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

I’ve been talking smack about all the videos on Instagram where beauty gurus are placing droppers of oil or foundation straight on their faces lately.  Because, WHY? But here I am in the elite group of people looking ridiculous in order to make a post. Y’all just can’t see how ridiculous. I finally caved and Read More


Manic Episodes and New Makeup

Yesterday was a particularly productive day for me, besides being a holiday. Since I had just gotten back from a vacation and needed to reset my introvert batteries, I pretty much stayed in and did chores. I captured some great pics of my makeup while doing my laundry. Ordered my groceries. Got some work done, Read More


Makeup Is My Favorite Souvenir

I’m still on a high from my trip to Amsterdam. I also finally got to play in the makeup I bought. I’m still so glad that it seemed that every couple hundred feet there was another beauty store. From high end to drugstore. I only picked up a few items because I didn’t want to Read More

Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation Review

Yeah I know I’m Late: Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation

Okay y’all. I know I’m hella late on this, but hear me out. I have a good reason. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation and I’ve been dying to try it. However! For the longest, the shade selection was super limited. I mean it only went from Winona Ryder to Read More


For the Love of H&M

Color me surprised when I found out H&M had their own line of makeup. I found this out when I was in LA for #BlogHer16. An H&M makeup line, too good to be true you may be thinking. But it’s true and it’s actually not too shabby. I’ve heard rumors that H&M makeup is made Read More


A Review of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation

I’m late. Not that late, but late nonetheless. I recently purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills foundation from (thanks to the Flash Shipping) and have been testing it out so I can give you all an honest and fair review. First things first, before I even bought the foundation I was in awe of the Read More

My Highlight Is Poppin (1)

My Highlight Is Poppin

So I think we’ve established that I hate paying full-price for just about everything, and if I can find a cheaper alternative that’s the move I’ll usually make as long as the quality is comparable. I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to dupes that you might want to check out. Any who, I’ve Read More


When Your Life is Falling Apart At Least Your Makeup Won’t

We all should know by now how important primers are to the staying power and overall look of your makeup. What we should also be focusing on are the products used after your makeup is applied that will keep your look together. This is where setting sprays and setting powders come in. These products not Read More


NYX Pro Foundation Mixers:I Wanted to Love These, I Really Did

Silly me decided I wanted to be a sun goddess the past few weekends and attain my goal of Lupita rich skin. I’m nearly there BTW, and YES I wore sunblock. On the downside, this means that my tried and true foundations are now too light and have me looking like a tan Geisha. Anywho, Read More


How To Stop Accidentally Buying Dupes

You walk into Ulta and are all about this beautiful new lip color, AND they have a sale. You think, “This is such a good deal and I have nothing else that looks just like this one.” So you go ahead and buy it. When you get home and to put it in your makeup Read More