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When Your High Functioning Depression Stops Functioning

You may have heard of the term “high functioning depression”, also known as dysthymia, being used more and more over the past few years. High functioning depression, or dysthymia, is a form of depression. While still feeling many of the symptoms of severe depression, people with high functioning depression are still able to complete daily Read More

The Cult Of Positivity

The Cult of Positivity

If you are an avid social media user, such as myself, you have been exposed to a myriad of opinions that challenge your own. From the benign,  “Does pineapple go on pizza?” To the dangerous, “Are Black people inherently more violent?” A topic I often see that borders on side-eye worthy, to “You are why people Read More

Black and Mentally Ill in the New Age of White Supremacy

Black and Mentally Ill in the New Age of White Supremacy

Something we don’t delve into often is how mental health, especially mental illness, intersects with race. I don’t mean the excuses made for violent racists who’s actual or perceived mental state is used as a scapegoat for their affinity for white supremacy. I mean how being a person of color impacts the lives of those Read More

What Mania Is For Me

What Mania Is For Me

Mania is something that many people think they understand, but they only know what they’ve seen in media portrayals. Mania takes on various forms for different individuals. Much like not everyone experiences depression in the same way, not everyone has the same type of manic episodes. Mania isn’t all shopping sprees and rapid speech. It Read More

When You can't win for losing

When You Can’t Win For Losing

The past year has been an extremely trying time for me. Despite accomplishing some great things and strengthening many friendships, I’ve been teetering on the edge of a complete breakdown, but trying to hide it. This past Friday is the day that I finally broke. This will be a long story, but I hope that Read More

Internalized Stigma- Showing Up and Showing Out

Internalized Stigma: Showing Up and Showing Out

I talk a lot about working to end the stigma around mental illness regarding the general public, but I never thought about addressing the internalized stigma that many diagnosed with a mental illness struggle with. I actually never even made the connection until recently. For months I’ve been depressed, but at a level where I Read More

Why Are You Single- Well, You See, Ummmm

Why Are You Single? Well, You See, Ummmm

For all my advocating to end the stigma around mental illness, it’s extremely hard to incorporate this stance in my dating life. I’m very open about it when it comes to meeting new acquaintances and talking online. But, I hold back when it comes to vetting a romantic partner. I feel like a hypocrite, but Read More


Coping With the Winter/Holiday Blues

This time of year is difficult for many people, for a variety of different reasons. Whether it be because of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), bad memories, being disconnected from family, or a whole host of other reasons. This time of year isn’t exactly “jolly” for all. So I’ve decided to put together a little list Read More


The First Step Is Always the Hardest

I was recently a guest on The Classick Team-Up podcast and we discussed self-care and a common misconception of it being all bubble baths and spa days. I explored that self-care is often painful because doing what you need isn’t always easy or comfortable. Little did I know that the time following recording this podcast I Read More


It’s Written In the Sky

I’m currently going through a really depressive episode, as typically happens in the fall, and after talking to a friend who is also clinically depressed, I decided to write a post about chronic depression and suicidal ideation. It ties in with words of encouragement, that although come from a genuinely good place, can often make Read More