The Cult Of Positivity

The Cult of Positivity

If you are an avid social media user, such as myself, you have been exposed to a myriad of opinions that challenge your own. From the benign,  “Does pineapple go on pizza?” To the dangerous, “Are Black people inherently more violent?” A topic I often see that borders on side-eye worthy, to “You are why people Read More


#MeToo: What’s Next?

I haven’t been keeping to my writing schedule lately. I wish I could say with confidence that it was simply because of my seasonal depression and trying to find my groove again. But I know that this isn’t the reason. The past few weeks started out being sprinkled with stories of sexual assault and sexual Read More

Black and Mentally Ill in the New Age of White Supremacy

Black and Mentally Ill in the New Age of White Supremacy

Something we don’t delve into often is how mental health, especially mental illness, intersects with race. I don’t mean the excuses made for violent racists who’s actual or perceived mental state is used as a scapegoat for their affinity for white supremacy. I mean how being a person of color impacts the lives of those Read More

Not Choosing Motherhood Isn't As Simple As It Seems

Not Choosing Motherhood Isn’t As Simple As It Seems

Times like today I am grateful I opted out of motherhood. I know that the first sentence sounds harsh and people may take it the wrong way. Let me get this disclaimer fully out of the way. In no way is this an attack or “shade” towards mothers. This is also not me pushing a Read More


Review: Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer

As I stated in my last review post, I am a primer hoarder. So since I’m waiting to lose my summer color, before I bought any of the Fenty Beauty foundation, I still needed to satisfy the makeup hypebeast within me so I bought the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Primer and the lip gloss.  Le sigh. My Read More


Black Feminists and the “Not All Men” Brigade

If you spend as much time on social media as I do, especially in Black spaces, you’ve no doubt see the “battle of the sexes” arguments day in and day out. You’ve seen Black women calling out Black men on their trash behavior and Black men blaming women and “feminist” (pluralization purposely missing) for the Read More

The Joys of Being A Black Woman

The Joys of Being A Black Woman *Insert Sarcasm Font*

I recently took a bit of a social media hiatus because of an especially trying week on both Twitter and Facebook. With defenders of Bill Maher saying n*gga and Bill Cosby rape apologists, my soul could bear no more and I had to take a step back. I titled this post what I did because Read More


I’m Not Strong 

I’d like to push back on a compliment I often get. This isn’t a sort of self deprecating type of post, but a post for clarity. Whenever I share my experience living with a mental illness, I’m routinely told that I am strong. I’m absolutely not. I routinely crumble into a self loathing ball of Read More

19 jan 2019

Growing Up Is A Sham

It’s early morning on the Monday of Memorial Day Weekend and I’m in bed nursing an upset stomach. Not because I was out drinking heavily all weekend, not because I have food poisoning, but simply because I’m old. All of the foods I once enjoyed and could eat in copious amounts have all now turned Read More


For Colored Girls Who Considered A Big Chop When the Curl Enhancing Smoothie Isn’t Enough

So I understand that not everyone is going to be upset or disgusted by the recent Shea Moisture ad. However, don’t try to silence or dismiss those airing very real grievances. This is not at all a new concept, and I’m almost positive one of your fav brands has done something similar. First off let’s Read More