I Ain’t Got It Like That

Money is tight for most of us nowadays, including myself. But I still indulge myself every so often and I want my readers to be able to do so as well. So I’m creating this living posts of coupon codes I think you all would like to take advantage of.  Living post means that I’ll Read More


A Talk With #MEinENDO

One of the great parts about the #BloGHer16 Expo was that it didn’t just consist of retail brands and service providers. There were booths dedicated to women’s health, one of the being #MEinEndo. Their goal is to provide women with the facts about endometriosis and bring the conversation about this disease. Endometriosis affects about 1 in Read More


Wash days and why they suck: Part 1

There are 2 definitions of wash days that I ascribe to. The first is the one that my fellow naturalistas agree upon. The second is what makeup artists and makeup lovers alike will agree upon. Both types are time-consuming and almost guarantee you won’t be leaving the house that day. I’ll go through the steps of Read More