Curl Mix Whipped Mango & Black Currant Body & Hair Butter

If you read my post on Blavity’s EmpowerHer Conference you will have noticed that I mentioned a vendor called CurlMix. I picked up the Whipped Mango & Black Currant Body Butter just because of the smell and packaging. I am a sucker for pleasant smelling body products and  cute packaging. I love mason jars and this kit came with 3 mason jars filled with the products needed of various sizes.The price tag for a CurlMix box is typically $30, but I was lucky enough to snag it for $20 at the special conference price.

How cute is this packaging?


The actual process of mixing/whipping the products was simpler than I thought it would be. The instructions gave directions for mixing the products two different ways. Either melting the mango butter on the stove or whipping all of the products in a food processor. I opted to use the stove method because I like to feel like a mad scientist. Besides just the ingredients, the kit included a wooden spatula and a whisk. So not only are the mason jars reusable, but I get to add another whisk to my collection.

Everything that comes in the kit.

I started off filling a small pot 2/3 full with water and brought it to a boil, then placed the largest mason jar with the mango butter inside to melt, stirring occasionally. It took about ten minutes for the mango butter to completely liquify.


What they don’t tell you is how hot the mason jar gets, so grabbing it with your bare hands is a no-no. For some reason I didn’t think to use oven mitts, but instead used a jar opener to grasp it and place it on a pot holder.

My oh so helpful jar opener

Next, I mixed in the coconut oil, shea butter, and argan oil + black currant vanilla fragrance, stirring with the wooden spatula.


After everything was mixed, came the hard part. Waiting for it to set. After having made my own whipped moisturizer in the past I knew this could take all night, and putting it into the fridge is not a good idea because it messes up the consistency.

Fully melted and mixed, waiting on it to set.

Once it was finished setting the next day I couldn’t wait to use it. So after my shower, I smoothed it all over. OMG! It was heavenly. It smelled divine and went on smoother than butter. My skin has been super soft ever since I started using it. It also has given me a very healthy glow. I’ve even been receiving compliments on how great my skin looks from strangers this past week.I don’t typically like to use body butter in warmer weather, but this one doesn’t have that heavy feeling so many others have, while still feeling rich and deeply moisturizing.

The only downsides I can think of are that it can leave  an oily residue on sheets and certain types of fabrics and materials. But it does wash out. Also, for my very dry 4C hair it doesn’t penetrate very well. So I won’t be using it as a hair butter, unfortunately.

CurlMix is a subscription service, where you can get a new box of products each month for $25 per month. However, you can purchase individual boxes with the subscription service for $30. Yes, I know the price is a little steep for most of us, but if you appreciate knowing what ingredients you’re putting on your hair and skin, I would highly recommend CurlMix kits.

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