For the Love of H&M

Color me surprised when I found out H&M had their own line of makeup. I found this out when I was in LA for #BlogHer16. An H&M makeup line, too good to be true you may be thinking. But it’s true and it’s actually not too shabby. I’ve heard rumors that H&M makeup is made by MAC manufacturers, but I have yet to find any confirmation of this. Now on to the important stuff.

Since I was with ¬†friends and admittedly disappeared right as they were ready to leave the store to beeline to the makeup, because my spidey senses were tingling, I only picked up 3 products that stood out to me. I purchased 2 eyeshadows for $6.99 each and a blush for $9.99. I’m actually quite happy with the price point because I really liked the quality of the 3 products. The pigmentation on all 3 is amazing, perhaps a little too pigmented in the case of the blush if you’re heavy handed, and the only downside I’ve found is that they are a tad powdery. All that means is that you may need to do your eye makeup before applying foundation and/or you will need to tap your brushes a few times before applying. That’s really not a deal breaker for the price.

Now for the swatches and names.


The New Yew, Cherry, Sahara Dawn
Pure Radiance Powder Blusher-Cherry
High Impact Eye Colour- The New Yew
High Impact Eye Colour- Sahara Dawn
Top to Bottom- Cherry, Sahara Dawn, and The New Yew



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