How To Stop Accidentally Buying Dupes

You walk into Ulta and are all about this beautiful new lip color, AND they have a sale. You think, “This is such a good deal and I have nothing else that looks just like this one.” So you go ahead and buy it. When you get home and to put it in your makeup collection only to find, “Crap!! I have this exact same shade and 15 more that look like it.” We’ve all been in this situation at least once. I got tired of wasting money and pushing the limits of space of my makeup storage so I decided to get proactive about my organization.

Now, I love a spreadsheet. I have them for everything. Budgets, grocery shopping, bills of paid, etc. So why not make one for something I spend a significant amount of money on? Below is a sample of what my spreadsheet looks like:

Makeup Inventory Setup in Google Drive
Makeup Inventory Setup in Google Drive

The spreadsheet has columns for Brand, Product, Shade/Color, Type of Product, Size, Price, Date Purchased, Store, and Number of Dupes. I don’t always fill in the last 6 columns because lazy or I just can’t remember that info, but the first 4 columns are the most important.

I use Google Drive for my spreadsheet instead of Excel because of how easily I can access it through my phone when I’m shopping. When I make changes to it on the web, there is no need to upload new files and replace previous files. All of the changes are saved automatically and reflected on all my devices immediately.

Being able to just open the Google Drive app on my phone while shopping has really helped curb impulse buying on my part. I hope this little tidbit of information helps you out. If you have any makeup organization tips, please feel free to share in the comments.

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