I’m Back Like Cooked Crack With A New Review

I know I haven’t been out here in these blogging streets for some time, but a week after Makeup and Mania’s 1 year anniversary I’m back with the jumpoff. I’ve gotten so new products to try out and you all will reap the glory of me emptying my bank account. My first new purchase that I will be discussing are liquid lipsticks from Cache´ Appeal. 

I found this company from a Facebook group that I’m in that is completely unrelated to makeup. We were discussing Black owned businesses and the pictures of people wearing their products piqued my interest. The colors are vibrant and fun, and the price point was on the money lol.

So let’s chat about what you really came here for. How do I feel about them? I love them honestly. They are some of the lightest feeling, yet longest lasting liquid lipsticks I’ve tried. Yes they are drying since the ones I got are a matte formulation, but what matte lippies aren’t?

The two colors I bought were Custom Made and Hardcore. Both on complete opposite ends of the color spectrum. Custom Made is a light mauve color and on my skin tone needs to be paired with a brown lipliner. Especially because it is so pigmented. These are not sheer by any stretch of the imagination. The consistency is a bit on the watery side, which means that it’s very easy to go overboard when applying, so use a light hand and wipe off some product on the tube before applying.

Hardcore is basically the color of my soul. A purple so deep, it’s almost black. I kid, I kid. But really, this is the epitome of vampy and is going to be a go-to fall color for me. It goes on a little patchy, so I did have to apply a few layers. But once they set, I had a full night out, drinks and food included, without needing a single touch up.

One of the downsides of such long lasting lip colors is that they seem impossible to remove. Especially is you just got in at 4am and just want to wipe your makeup up off and go to bed. So my suggestion is to slather on some coconut oil, let it break down the lip color while you wash the rest of your face, and then use a moist washcloth and wipe your lips. Then apply a good lip balm to make up for the drying effects.

All and all I highly recommend the Cache´ Appeal liquid lipsticks and I will be getting more. I also want to try their loose glitters.

So What Do You Think?