It’s Okay To Be Disappointed

How many have you gotten your hopes up for something you really wanted, only to have it slip from your fingertips? Plenty, right? Now think of when you went to a friend and expressed how upset you were about it. How often you’ve been told to “cheer up” or “it could be worse” or “don’t throw yourself a pity party”? Pretty often as well I imagine. Well, I’m here to tell you to throw that pity party, wallow under the covers on the couch, cry, stuff your face, sit in those feelings of disappointment so that you can work through them.

The most infuriating thing, in my opinion, that people do when you express negative emotions is to act as though A. those emotions are unwarranted and B. that those emotions can be turned on and off. Yes, I know things could be worse, but right now this “not so good” thing is happening to me and I’m going to recognize it. Yes I know “feeling sorry for myself” doesn’t fix anything, but I’m human and this is what we do.

Please note, I’m not suggesting wallowing in sorrow forever. What I’m saying is, allow yourself the time to go through the emotions, process those feelings, and then work on your next move from a place of clarity. Rushing to move on when you aren’t ready, just because others tell you to, is like taking a final on one hour of sleep, that you didn’t study for. You aren’t prepared and you definitely aren’t operating at your best.

Move through disappointment at your own pace. We all vary greatly in how we process emotions. Embrace your journey.

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