My Highlight Is Poppin

So I think we’ve established that I hate paying full-price for just about everything, and if I can find a cheaper alternative that’s the move I’ll usually make as long as the quality is comparable. I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to dupes that you might want to check out. Any who, I’ve recently been drooling over the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits, particularly Moonchild.


Gorgeous, right? But I wasn’t willing to hand over $40 just yet. So I looked into cheaper alternatives, bypassing the ABH knockoffs on Ebay and the like, and stumbled upon Sleek Makeup. Now I already knew about Sleek, but had been procrastinating about ordering from them since they are in the UK, but I will be from now on. Now let’s talk about these highlighters.

Sleek Solstice cropped sleek midas touch cropped



Sleek Makeup is a brand based in the UK, so like all good things it can be bought online at Because all prices are in Pounds or Euros, you have to make use of a handy currency conversion calculator, easily found on Google. Each palette comes to just under $14.00 not including shipping and tax. Less if you catch a sale like I did.

Each palette comes with 1 cream highlighter and 3 powder highlighter. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling the cream highlighter, but that’s my general consensus on all cream highlighters. It’s much more difficult to control the intensity and fairly difficult to tone it down. The swatches of the cream component of the palettes are absolutely beautiful and are soft and non-greasy. But until I can figure out a better way to apply them, I’m going to have to not use them until I can get it right.

However, the powders. Biiiiihhhhh the powders! I used Rhinestone on the high points of the cheekbones and it looks like I had a spotlight from the heavens shining down on me, and just me. I lowkey felt like a unicorn. I honestly can’t wait to try the other colors in each palette and figuring out a better way to apply the cream highlighters.

This has been one of my favorite purchases recently. These palettes are even better than I had expected.


Sleek Solstice DtailsSleek Midas Touch Detail IMG_9283 IMG_9282

So What Do You Think?