NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks

-Hi. My name is Asa and I’m addicted to lipstick

-Hi Asa!

So as you can see from the above statement, I have a problem. I mean, it’s not really a problem, so much as a very strong affinity for lipsticks, lip glosses, lip stains, etc. I have a lot. I often forget which colors I already own, and buy dupes (why I had to make an ever growing Google doc of my makeup inventory.)

The brand I absolutely love the most for anything lips is NYX, with ColourPop coming in at a close second. Their products are very affordable, high quality, and come in a never ending array of colors and formulas. The color selection is the absolute best part about NYX products. My current fave from them is their Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks. Yes, I know that the Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks are all the range right now, but I’ve never been a big fan of nude lips. Not because they don’t look good, but because I like color on my face. That’s why it’s rare to see me with a “no makeup, makeup” look. I like bold lips and bold eyes. That’s why the Liquid Lip Suedes are so near and dear to my heart.

Left to right: Amethyst, Pink Lust, Vintage, Stone Fox, and Cherry Skies
Left to right: Amethyst, Pink Lust, Vintage, Stone Fox, and Cherry Skies

The color payoff for these is amazeballs. Usually, for drugstore brands, the color of the product is nowhere near as vibrant as the packaging. Not with these though. You want that hot pink lip? You’re getting a hot pink lip. You want a purple lip the color of Prince’s 80’s assembles? Oh you are getting full on Purple Rain teas honey.

Lip Suede Swatches
With Flash


No Flash

The apply like a dream. Also, unlike liquid lipsticks, they aren’t drying. An hour or 2 in some liquid lipstick formulas and I get self-conscious because I’m afraid I look like Ashy Larry, but with colorful, cracked lips. The only downside worth noting about these is that they don’t have much staying power. You’re not gonna get through meal and think you won’t have to reapply. But lucky for me, I enjoy applying and reapplying lipstick. There’s something about the ritual that makes me feel pretty and powerful.

So let’s regroup here:


  • Vibrant colors
  • Not drying
  • Smooth application
  • Great price $6.99
  • Has both fun and conservative colors


  • Doesn’t last long on lips (not really a con for me, but I know most won’t like this detail)
  • Limited shade range (Only comes in 12 colors)

All in all, these are a great buy. Especially if you want to venture into bold colors, but don’t want to break the bank.



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