Review: Black Radiance Color Perfect Foundation

This was my first time using any Black Radiance products and although I wasn’t impressed, I still want to try others. I’ve been a foundation kick lately and have been wanting to try out more, even though I already have my holy grails. I think this is how makeup hoarding begins lol. I was perusing YouTube looking for foundations recommended by other dark skinned beauty vloggers. I saw many positive reviews of Black Radiance’s Color Perfect Foundation so decided to give it a try. Since I live in an area that corporate headquarters of most stores don’t deem cost effective to stock dark shades of any brand, I had to order this online. I ordered from Walgreens and received the foundations, along with a few other items, about a week later.

I purchased the shades Brownie and Cashmere because the swatches online looked closest to my shade. The Style & Beauty Doctor has some great photos of swatches of some of the darker shades.  She is my go to blog for swatches. I don’t know what kind of photo sorcery she uses, but all of her photos are so clear and true to real life.

Anywho! I actually recorded me trying these for the first time and let me tell you, I looked casket ready on camera. My face and neck color were fighting each other like Evelyn Lozada and Jackie Christie. It was a whole mess. But I salvaged the day with well-placed contour and bronzer. Let’s get into the Pros and Cons:


  • looks good on camera if the shade fits you
  • lightweight
  • good shade range


  • looks dry in person
  • settles into and accentuates pores and fine lines
  • very dry and uncomfortable
  • oxidizes

Because of the price, I would still recommend this foundation if you don’t have texture issues, moisturize well, and can find a shade that fits you. However, if you are like me, with large pores and starting to get some wrinkles, I would look elsewhere.

Sidenote: In an attempt to stop makeup hoarding in its tracks, I returned this foundation to Walgreens……so I could use the money on more makeup *facepalm*

So What Do You Think?