Review: NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

I’ve been talking smack about all the videos on Instagram where beauty gurus are placing droppers of oil or foundation straight on their faces lately.  Because, WHY? But here I am in the elite group of people looking ridiculous in order to make a post. Y’all just can’t see how ridiculous.

I finally caved and bought the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation because it’s summer and I wanted to find something light to wear when I do put on makeup. What could be lighter than something that looks like dirty water? Right?

First impressions:

I hate the packaging. The dropper just does what it wants without me squeezing it. So there I was with foundation on my lip, my chest, and my lap. I guess I didn’t move quick enough from the bottle to my face. Also, this stuff is runny. Grab your brush quick and start blending or you’ll be wiping your thighs and thanking the makeup gods that you didn’t get “dressed dressed” while doing your makeup. If you have kids, keep them far away from this stuff because one day you’ll come home and it’s an “I was giving the puppy medicine” makeup catastrophe.

Now, enough about the logistical negatives. I picked up the shade Deep Cool online and thankfully chose the right match. For the consistency, I was utterly shocked at the coverage this provided. I didn’t need to use any concealer to hide my hyperpigmentation at all. It blended easily as well. I’ve tried this with both the NYX Total Drop Foundation Brush and my Beauty Blender and it blended like a dream with both. The finish was dewy, but not oily, which is difficult to achieve for someone with naturally oily skin. The one negative I found was that it doesn’t work with my primer to hide my pores like other, thicker, foundations.

I initially tried a full face with this just so that I could take pictures for the @makeupforwocsummerchallenge. So, while I set it with powder, I forgot to use a setting spray and then rushed off to my therapy appointment. It’s been hot in New Jersey this week. Like, Jesus be central air and a thunderstorm hot. So I was, of course, worried that my whole face was going to melt off. However, everything stayed in place. Now, I wouldn’t go tell you to hug up on someone in a white shirt without a strong setting spray, but for the circumstances, this held up wonderfully.

Overall thoughts:

I like this foundation. I’ll definitely be keeping it in rotation with my others. The finish is beautiful and dewy, but easy to get to a more natural, skin-like finish with powder. It holds up great in 90+ degree weather, even without a setting spray. The biggest downside is the actual application. It has the potential to be very messy. I also, probably, won’t be traveling with it because I can just imagine the screw top coming off and creating a big gooey mess in my makeup bag. It held up well considering I’m oily and I didn’t end up looking like I’d been frying chicken all day. If you’re in the market for a  light, but full coverage, drugstore foundation I’d recommend this. 

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