For the Love of H&M

Color me surprised when I found out H&M had their own line of makeup. I found this out when I was in LA for #BlogHer16. An H&M makeup line, too good to be true you may be thinking. But it’s true and it’s actually not too shabby. I’ve heard rumors that H&M makeup is made Read More


Don’t Knock It Til You Try It

The past few weeks have been increasingly stressful for me. I could feel the waves of depression continuously washing over me and then remaining like pools of stagnant water. I reached a point early this week where I knew I wasn’t going to make it much longer in this state, but I just couldn’t afford Read More


A Talk With #MEinENDO

One of the great parts about the #BloGHer16 Expo was that it didn’t just consist of retail brands and service providers. There were booths dedicated to women’s health, one of the being #MEinEndo. Their goal is to provide women with the facts about endometriosis and bring the conversation about this disease. Endometriosis affects about 1 in Read More


Don’t Let Your Braces Stop You From Rocking A Bold Lip

One of the great parts of going to #BlogHer16 is meeting all of the other amazing bloggers and gathering inspiration. This post is dedicated to a super sweet blogger I met at the Adam & Eve tasting event, Kendra. Hey girl! She runs the blog HeadBandForToday.com that focuses on balancing the many parts of life, Read More


My Trip To #BlogHer16

I probably should have started writing this recap while on the 6-hour plane ride home, but I decided to watch bad movies, relax as much as I could, and try to ignore the pain in my knees and back. Because of course, only those that can afford business class deserve to be comfortable. But I Read More