What Mania Is For Me

What Mania Is For Me

Mania is something that many people think they understand, but they only know what they’ve seen in media portrayals. Mania takes on various forms for different individuals. Much like not everyone experiences depression in the same way, not everyone has the same type of manic episodes. Mania isn’t all shopping sprees and rapid speech. It Read More


Coping With the Winter/Holiday Blues

This time of year is difficult for many people, for a variety of different reasons. Whether it be because of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), bad memories, being disconnected from family, or a whole host of other reasons. This time of year isn’t exactly “jolly” for all. So I’ve decided to put together a little list Read More


It’s Written In the Sky

I’m currently going through a really depressive episode, as typically happens in the fall, and after talking to a friend who is also clinically depressed, I decided to write a post about chronic depression and suicidal ideation. It ties in with words of encouragement, that although come from a genuinely good place, can often make Read More


Treatment Resistant Depression: What Has Helped Me

Although I have bipolar disorder, it manifests itself mainly with severe, crippling depression. I’ll discuss my hypomanic episodes at a later time. Unfortunately for me, conventional treatment with antidepressants and different types of therapy have not worked. I only recently found out why the typical medications are not beneficial to me after changing psychiatrists. After Read More


Doing What You Love Is A Luxury

Doing what you love is a luxury. But not always in the way people think. When people talk about the luxury of doing what you love, it’s often in reference to time or money or some other privilege. But doing what you love is also a luxury of a stable mood and/or mental status. This Read More

Brown New Year Card

Baby Steps Back Into My Normal

The past few weeks have been tough. Not as tough as the weeks/months leading up to my hospitalization, but hard as hell nonetheless. I have been going for my TMS treatments on a steady schedule again and have tried a short stint on a new medication as well. The TMS has helped a great deal Read More

Brown New Year Card

Post Hospitalization Rundown

Well folks, I ended up in the psych hospital once again. Le sigh. I wish I could say I didn’t see this coming, but I kind of knew it was inevitable around mid-March. On the upside, I checked myself in before I got to the point of trying to hurt myself. But on the downside, Read More