When You can't win for losing

When You Can’t Win For Losing

The past year has been an extremely trying time for me. Despite accomplishing some great things and strengthening many friendships, I’ve been teetering on the edge of a complete breakdown, but trying to hide it. This past Friday is the day that I finally broke. This will be a long story, but I hope that Read More


Finding Balance: Major Key Alert

After years and years of either overworking myself or not doing enough, I’m realizing just how important finding balance is. This isn’t to say that I have finally found that space, I’m just actively working to get there. I’m expressing my boundaries to people and utilizing the word “no” with others and myself. Not overworking myself Read More


Treatment Resistant Depression: What Has Helped Me

Although I have bipolar disorder, it manifests itself mainly with severe, crippling depression. I’ll discuss my hypomanic episodes at a later time. Unfortunately for me, conventional treatment with antidepressants and different types of therapy have not worked. I only recently found out why the typical medications are not beneficial to me after changing psychiatrists. After Read More


Calling Out Fake Outrage: The New Way to Seem Like You Care, But Really Don’t

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. I actually took the time to audio record my thoughts about this in order to remember all of the points I want to cover. What I want to talk about here is the need for Black people to be in a permanent state of “Hulk Read More


Why I Don’t Want Kids: Another Blog In A Sea of Many

As a 30 year old woman the topic of whether or not I want kids, when I plan on having kids, and why I don’t want kids has been quite popular in the conversational rounds. Actually, me being 30 years old has nothing to do with the topic, because it’s been asked over and over Read More