I Did It! My Solo Trip to Amsterdam

For my birthday I planned to do what I thought was impossible. I scheduled a solo trip to Amsterdam. There are a bunch of reasons I never thought this would happen, the biggest being my sometimes crippling anxiety and depression. But, I’ve made so many changes over the past 2 years I figured anything was Read More


The First Step Is Always the Hardest

I was recently a guest on The Classick Team-Up podcast and we discussed self-care and a common misconception of it being all bubble baths and spa days. I explored that self-care is often painful because doing what you need isn’t always easy or comfortable. Little did I know that the time following recording this podcast I Read More


Social Media As A Coping Mechanism In Times of Tragedy

Social media has steadily become a huge part of our daily lives, for almost all generations of people. Through social media we allow people; friends, family, complete strangers, a look into our worlds and we, in turn, have access to theirs. We come together over our love or disdain of tv shows, movies, pop culture, Read More


Don’t Knock It Til You Try It

The past few weeks have been increasingly stressful for me. I could feel the waves of depression continuously washing over me and then remaining like pools of stagnant water. I reached a point early this week where I knew I wasn’t going to make it much longer in this state, but I just couldn’t afford Read More


Finding Balance: Major Key Alert

After years and years of either overworking myself or not doing enough, I’m realizing just how important finding balance is. This isn’t to say that I have finally found that space, I’m just actively working to get there. I’m expressing my boundaries to people and utilizing the word “no” with others and myself. Not overworking myself Read More


Doing What You Love Is A Luxury

Doing what you love is a luxury. But not always in the way people think. When people talk about the luxury of doing what you love, it’s often in reference to time or money or some other privilege. But doing what you love is also a luxury of a stable mood and/or mental status. This Read More