I've Got the glow

I’ve Got the Glow: My Skincare Routine

I was one of those lucky freaks of nature to have very few issues concerning my skin during my teenage years. Sure I had mild acne here and there, but nothing that required frequent visits to the dermatologist or made me self conscious. Fast forward into my late twenties and boom! Cystic acne, hyperpigmentation, new skin Read More


Don’t Let Your Braces Stop You From Rocking A Bold Lip

One of the great parts of going to #BlogHer16 is meeting all of the other amazing bloggers and gathering inspiration. This post is dedicated to a super sweet blogger I met at the Adam & Eve tasting event, Kendra. Hey girl! She runs the blog HeadBandForToday.com that focuses on balancing the many parts of life, Read More


Curl Mix Whipped Mango & Black Currant Body & Hair Butter

If you read my post on Blavity’s EmpowerHer Conference you will have noticed that I mentioned a vendor called CurlMix. I picked up the Whipped Mango & Black Currant Body Butter just because of the smell and packaging. I am a sucker for pleasant smelling body products and  cute packaging. I love mason jars and this Read More