This will be my first blog post of an event that I was invited to as an influencer. Go me! I was invited to Texture On the Runway by Naturally Curly to kick off New York Fashion Week. Let me tell you, this more than made up for, what I felt was an underwhelming experience at CurlFest.

I arrived at the venue a little before the general admission time of when the doors open. The line was about 15-20 people long by then. The fashions! The looks! Everyone was serving AfroPunk meets cocktail our looks. I’m lacking in the style category because that’s just not my ministry. But, the women and the men at the event were dressed DOWN.

The doors opened at 6PM and people were checked in quickly with no kerfluffles. I appreciate how quick and easy this process was. Nothing is worse than knowing you RSVP’d to an event and it looks like the staff cannot find your name on the list. When I checked in I was reminded that I was VIP. I’m so unaccustomed to these things, lol. I headed upstairs to the VIP area hoping to possibly see someone I knew personally. But alas, I was on my default setting of solo adventurer. So, like any responsible adult, I headed for the open bar. I figured a good drink would give me a little more courage to walk about and mingle. Surprisingly, I probably didn’t need a drink because I found a friendly group of people at a nearby table. They were Kadia, Marisa, and Chris (a featured stylist for Mielle Organics.) For the most part, we spent the rest of the evening together.

I also met some of the Naturally Curly team and they showed me what I was missing out on by just chilling in the VIP area. Downstairs they had set up a social media room. There were 3 stations that let you create social media ready photos and videos. The first was setup for taking a multi angled picture. The second station was a green screen and treadmill that superimposed a video of you walking onto a runway so it looked like you were walking in the show. The third was a station that let you make yourself into a GIF. I spent a good deal of the actual show in the social media room, which I regret because seeing pics and videos of the whole show now, I see that I missed out on a lot.

On the main floor, where the show was happening, hair care vendors had booths setup and were giving out samples before and during the show. Some of the featured vendors were Cantu, SHea Moisture, Creme of Nature, and Mielle Organics. Yes, I stocked up on samples and I finally watched the show too.

The hairstyles of featured brands ranged from classic and every day to creative genius.  The best part, to me, was how many of the models had 4A- 4C texture. We are often sidelined in the natural hair convos or the styles chosen are manipulations of the hair to make it look closer to a looser texture. At Texture On the Runway, we got to see the kinkiest of textures in all their glory. The artistry behind the styles was something I’m not used to either. So often when I think hair show, I think relaxed hair, long flowy weaves, or extravagance that doesn’t feature curly or kinky hair. I appreciate Naturally Curly for showcasing the art that is natural hair and breaking down the notion that we don’t have options.

Now for the part of the evening I wasn’t expecting.  The gift bags!!!If you’ve been scoping out my Instagram page you know what I’m talking about. I haven’t received such amazing swag since I went to BlogHer. Full size products from all of Texture On the Runway’s sponsors. Let me give you a comprehensive list:

Amazing! I’m so glad I was invited and got over my allergy exhaustion to be able to attend. I hope I get to go to more events like this in the future.

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