Walking Into the New Year Like….

Yes. I know I’m late, but some things were happening over the holidays such as my depression kicked my butt and then my MacBook’s screen decided it would like to participate in Mercury retrograde. But I’m back! Ready to go. Ready to be a better me and ready to be a better blogger.

I know the typical New Year posts have to do with resolutions and what not, but I don’t do those anymore. Too much pressure and I never stick to them anyway. Instead, I’m more about picturing what I want in the coming year and setting some goals. So instead of keeping them to myself, I’ve decided to share them with you all. Partially because I’m proud of myself and partially because I need accountability partners lol.

Goal #1- Reach a larger audience with my blog: This means being more consistent with posting, using social media more, and getting help with taking more and better photos.

Goal #2- Get more freelance work: This means putting out more proposals and taking on projects that are more time consuming.

Goal #3- Be prepared to go back to work when I’m mentally ready: This means staying up to date with the latest trends in SEO, SMM, and digital advertising by taking classes and incorporating them into my freelance work.

Goal #4- Meditate on a regular basis- As of right now I have no set schedule to meditate, I just do it when the urge hits me. This year I will commit to making meditation a regular practice and seek out groups to help me in the process.

Goal #5- Journal- Right now I only journal when I feel awful. I want to make journaling an almost daily activity, whether my day has been good or bad.

Goal #6- Continue to grow and improve- I’ve come a long way in terms of coping with my illness, communicating more openly, and being an overall better person. I want to keep this momentum going and be the best version of myself that I can be.

Much luck to everyone else in the New Year and on achieving your goals.

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