Why Are You Single? Well, You See, Ummmm

For all my advocating to end the stigma around mental illness, it’s extremely hard to incorporate this stance in my dating life. I’m very open about it when it comes to meeting new acquaintances and talking online. But, I hold back when it comes to vetting a romantic partner. I feel like a hypocrite, but I have, what I feel is good reason to do this.

When it comes to meeting just random people or being online, I don’t have the same desire for them to like me. You either take me as I am or leave me. My circle of friends is already solid, so missing out on a few people isn’t going to make much of a difference to me. However, in a dating situation, I’ve already decided I like you and want you to like me. In this instance, I don’t want to “scare off” a potential connection.

I know you’re thinking that “If they can’t accept that part of you, then they don’t deserve you.” I would offer that advice myself. But, I also try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I think that perhaps once they get to know me, without the neon sign of BIPOLAR hanging over my head, when I do tell them, it won’t be a deal breaker.

I know there are other out there that have similar feelings, and I wish I could give some positive advice or affirmation, but I’m still trying to figure this out myself.

If you’ve been there and done that, have words of advice, or just want to vent about the struggles of dating, comment below or reach out on twitter @makeupandmania

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